When business becomes tax​ing, we reconcile it.

Consulting & Training

Set-up  / Clean-up

Set-up new or clean-up existing QuickBooksTM file. Services may include:

  • Setup QuickBooksTM file to industry specifics and/or based on business operation. 
  • Customize business forms (Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc.)  
  • Setup or revise Inventory Item List.
  • Audit existing QuickBooksTM file for errors and revise based on Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

Startup Packages

Assist with the completion of filings or business document necessary for the start-up a new business:

  • LLC or Corporation formation
  • City Licenses, Certification, Zoning Permits
  • DBAs (Fiticious Name) 
  • Sellers Permits
  • State Number
  • Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Other Industry Specific Permits
  • Employee Manuals

Support Services

Provide On-call support services whenever an accounting or QuickBooksTM issue arises.  We provide either phone consultations to answer simple questions or concerns  or remote access services to resolve more difficult issues.

QuickBooksTM Training

Provide One to Two hours of QuickBooksTM training sessions customized to the client's desired tracking needs, business industry, and  trainee's QuickBooksTM skill level. These sessions are not meant to teach accounting principles, but to teach how to use QuickBooksTM productively.


Assistance in recruiting Full-time or Part-time administrative/accounting staff.  Provide testing services for clients who are unable to evaluate the QuickBooksTM/ accounting skill level of a potential employee.